Magazine Spread Design

This is my magazine spread that I made using an article from (the link will be posted below). The point of this project was to learn and be able to use adobe inDesign. Some of the main things that we wanted to be able to do were:

  • 3 Pages; 1 Spread;
  • 8.375” x 10.875” page size
  • 2+ Column Layout
  • 600+ Word Article (Found on or The article can have a title, but no other headings that break it up.)
  • Break the article up with 3+ headings/subheadings
  • 1+ Pull Quote(s)
  • 2+ Relevant Images (Shot by student)
  • 1+ Word Wrap (image or shape)
  • Consistent headings and body copy
  • Contrasting typography

We needed to use our own images so here are the photos that I used for this project. I took them a few years ago when I went and climbed the middle teton.

Using these photos I created this magazine spread. I wanted to use photos obviously that fit with the topic. I used two different fonts. I used Bebas Kai for the title and headings, and then I used charter for the body copy. I think overall it came out pretty well and I am pleased with the end result.



This is the link to the story that I used.


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