Photo Shop Ad

This project was a really fun one. We had to create an Ad and some of the requirements were that we had to blend two pictures together and we had to make the ad be figurative and not necessarily literal. We also had to follow some requirements from a specific generator. My requirements were that the Ad was for females from ages 18-34 and that they were married and they got their ads from Magazines and Blogs. They made about 18,000-39,00 dollars a year. My goal in this ad was to show that this Dove soap was going to help clean your skin and moisturize at the same time. Living here in Idaho we have a very dry climate and I know that the women I talked to were always looking for soap that could help them do that. I wanted to use the desert floor as an example for their skin because I thought it was clear to the eye of what it was and what the goal of the soap was. Overall I thought it turned out really great and after some changes to my first draft I came up with the pictures below. The first one is for a blog or facebook, and the second is the magazine ad.



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