Icon Project

The idea behind this project was to create some icons that reflect a message, and are consistent with one another. I went with a theme of Native Americans. I wanted to target younger children so they are pretty simple and clear to understand. I didn’t want to have to much detail since they are only Icons.


The Design Process and Analysis 

The design that I wanted to incorporate throughout all of the icons was the feathers and the brown and green. I think I did a good job of this. I think this design appeals to the audience as they can see that it is pretty simple and they can tell easily what each item is. I think the color scheme really helped create unity and made the icons work well together. I really wanted to have some feathers that were cool and looked like feathers. I think I was able to pull that off.


Overall this was a pretty fun project that took me some time to do, but it was satisfying as I was able to see the designs that I wanted begin to take shape. I can’t wait to work more with illustrator in the future.


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