Simple Photography 101 basic skills


Simple Photography 101 basic skills

Photography is everywhere, and it’s a popular career and hobby for a lot of people. This post is going to be examining some of the basic skills that you use in photography. I am going over the Rule of Thirds, Leading Lines, and Depth of Field photography. Enjoy!



Rule of Thirds

Photo By iesphotos

This Photo won second in a competition on


You can see how they followed the rule of thirds. They did a really good job of utilizing the horizontal thirds up on the right where the antlers are. You can also see the body goes along the horizontal line on the lower right also. Then the body lines right up with the vertical third on the right. Overall this does a great job using the rule of thirds not just with the animal but with the landscape also.

rule of thirds darth


What I really wanted to do with this photo was not just show the rule of thirds vertically but also to show it horizontally. That is why I included the motorcycle that is by the hand of Darth. One thing that I think I could have done to even make it better was to have the lightsaber fit the bottom horizontal line a little better.


Leading Lines


leading lines

I couldn’t find a source for this. I found it on google when I was looking for an example of leading lines. If you scroll down on leading lines examples on google this will pop up.


The reason I chose this one was because of all the lines that it had. It had so many different lines but they were all leading to the same place. you have the hand rails and the glass and the escalator itself that is all leading to the top of the photo.

leading lines hammock

This is me sitting on my hammock

hammock leadinglines

My goal in this was to get lines leading to the top. I like this picture because it has my legs going to the top also the sides of the hammock. Plus there are multiple lines because of the different colors that are involved but they all work together to lead you to a certain point which is up towards my shoes.


Depth of Field



Michael Small.


Michael does a really good job of showing depth of field here. It is simple but really well done. You can see the contrast really well and the depth of field really draws you to the truck in front instead of the car and tractor in back.


depth of field darth

I took this cool pic of my friend Darth looking at a motorcycle he looked really peaceful so I tried to capture that.


I wanted people to see Darth Vader first and then see that he was looking at motorcycles second. I think I did a pretty good job. I was limited in that I didn’t have a camera and I had to use my phone. I still think I did a good job of showing that the motorcycle was further away.



Photography is really fun and with the simple knowledge of how to do these things like depth of field, and the rule of thirds you can really start to grow in your photography. I have begun to notice them when I am looking at photography and you can see how it really adds to the photo and it’s not just a plain photo but it can kind of tell a story.


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